9 LGBTQ+ Merchandise in the Philippines (LGBTQ+ Brands)

Looking for awesome LGBTQ+ merchandise in the Philippines? You’ve come to the right place.

The fight for equality had come a long way from when the movement began. Pride Months have become more powerful and colorful than ever as more people join in support of the LGBTQ+ community. Yay!

However, the Pride movement is more than just a parade that happens every month of June. It involves the real-life struggles and sufferings that the LGBTQ+ community faces.

It is a fight for freedom: freedom to love, freedom to express ourselves and come out, freedom to be unapologetically ourselves.

The cool part is you don’t have to be part of the LGBTQ+ community to show support!

If you’re wondering how to be an ally of the LGBTQ+ community, showing your support through LGBTQ+ merchandise can be an excellent first step.

Not to mention, you don’t even have to wait for Pride Month! Show solidarity by shopping for LGBT merchandise in the Philippines. Amp it up by buying from small local businesses that support the movement or are LGBTQ+ owned!

Buying LGBT merchandise in the Philippines is a simple and easy way to support Pride.

Plus, you get to have something nice and cute in the process! 🙂

To make it easier for you, we listed some LGBTQ+ merchandise, brands, and small businesses to check out. Wear your Pride or showcase your support through these LGBTQ+ merchandise available in our country:

1. The Gay Agenda

Have you been looking for a way to flaunt your Pride during Pride Month?

Maybe you want to decorate your room with a meaningful statement symbol for Pride.

Or perhaps you want to wave your queer merchandise around while watching your favorite Netflix show with LGBTQ+ characters?

No matter the reason, show your colors through The Gay Agenda’s pride flags!


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Not only do they have the rainbow flag, but they also sell bisexual, pansexual, transgender, asexual, lesbian, and non-binary pride flags. Talk about diversity!

Other than pride flags, The Gay Agenda also offers other LGBT paraphernalia such as straps, pins, and bracelets. What’s more, is that they support several advocacies found in their Instagram highlights. By purchasing their merchandise, you indirectly help other causes.

2. Under Armour

While not necessarily a local brand, Under Armour has been consistently standing up for equality.

The sports company has actively shown support through donations, awareness campaigns, and, of course, their Pride collections.

The company had released Pride collections for over 3 years now, and they have no signs of stopping anytime soon.


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Additionally, their LGBTQ+ employee resource groups are heavily involved in the Pride collection designs.

Under Armour also partnered with different LGBT-focused nonprofit organizations as part of their active support in the fight for equality.

3. The CommHUEnity

As mentioned in their Instagram bio, The CommHUEnity is a “colorful store of pride and freedom” that encourages self-expression, regardless of gender.


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They have it all, from cute statement tops to colorful rainbow masks that will show off your Pride through clothing. Head on to @thecommhuenity on Instagram and check their pieces out!

4. Priide.co

Priide is a recently established LGBTQ+ clothing line. If you want minimalist designs that still show off your Pride, then this is the store for you! The Instagram shop is a small local business, so if you support it, you get to support both local and queer establishments.

Show your love for both the LGBTQ+ community and small businesses by supporting their shop!

5. Confirmed Apparel

What better way to display your love than through cute couple shirts? (Watching LGBTQ+ series in Netflix is in 2nd place!)

That’s right! Confirmed Apparel offers an inclusive line for LGBTQ+ couples who wish to showcase their love through fashion. Not only that but, the LGBTQ+ clothing brand also sells a wide variety of designs for everyday wear.

Aside from t-shirts, Confirmed Apparel also offers tote bags, mugs, and customized shirts. Check them out on Instagram at @confirmed_check.

6. Converse

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned pair of converse sneakers.

Last year, the iconic shoe brand released their Pride collection as part of their campaign. From Chuck Taylor All Starts to clothing apparel, the company fully embraces the “More Color, More Pride” flag to represent diversity and inclusivity.


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Like Under Armour, the designs in this collection involved LGBTQ+ employees, from ideation to marketing. It does not matter what gender you identify as because this collection has got you covered.

Moreover, Converse also donated to various local and global organizations that support the LGBTQ+ community. They are a company that you want to endorse for sure! The best part is, Converse is a well-known brand in the Philippines that is very close to our hearts.

7. 3DY Apparel

Are you looking for a brand that knows no gender?

Then take a look at a recently established Instagram shop called @3dyapparel. Elevate your fashion through their stylish genderless pieces that you can wear on any occasion! These are for people who want to explore their style without being limited by gender-specific clothing.

Additionally, this is another way for members of the LGBTQ+ community to express who they are through fashion. It does not always have to include colorful rainbows. 3DY Apparel is all about transcending gender boundaries!

Since the shop is still starting, their stocks are limited.

8. Clems On Paper

Aside from clothing, you can show your Pride through stationery with Clems On Paper.

Chris Clemente is a local artist known for his K-Drama designs. The artist will be releasing a rainbow collection that celebrates Pride. The designs feature a minimalistic rainbow design that is modern and stylish.


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To be updated on the collection’s official release, head on over to @clemsonpaper on Instagram. Clems on Paper also offers other products like tote bags, gift cards, and notepads in pre-made and custom designs.

9. Poiema Crafts

Poiema Crafts is a hand-made earring shop on Instagram. They make earrings for everyone of any gender to wear and enjoy!

As stated in their Instagram bio, Poiema Crafts is an inclusive brand. You can even see this in their earring cards.


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While they are not under LGBT merchandise exactly, their brand claims to be inclusive for everyone. Anyone, regardless of gender, can wear and rock their handcrafted pieces.

On top of that, the brand is also sustainable, as they mentioned in their Instagram bio. If you want a brand that supports inclusivity and sustainability, then check out @poiemacrafts on Instagram!

LGBT merchandise in the Philippines still has a long way to go.

However, progress is progress, no matter big or small.

These are just some businesses that you can purchase from to be loud and proud or support the LGBTQ+ community.

Let’s all fight for a more gender-inclusive society and give love to ourselves and our LGBTQ+ friends.

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