11 LGBTQ+ Organizations in the Philippines

Looking for LGBTQ+ organizations in the Philippines? Yes, we gotchu!

The Philippines has come a long way in battling homophobia and hate crimes against the LGBTQ+ community in the country. It’s a predominantly Catholic country with mostly unaccepting views towards the community.

Even if the country’s tolerant, tolerating will never be enough — the fight towards acceptance is an uphill battle.

Now more than ever, it is crucial to combat the unjust discrimination towards the LGBTQ+ community in the Philippines.

As an ally, or even as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, what can you do to help?

There are numerous ways to support the community, and one is to advocate for LGBT organizations in the Philippines.

Doing so is a concrete way to champion the community’s rights, as funding for these non-profit organizations is limited.

Here are 11 LGBT organizations in the Philippines that you may want to check out!

1. UP Babaylan

UP Babaylan is the first-ever student organization in the country that caters to the LGBTQ+ community.

This organization has been fostering a safe space for the community and supporting LGBT students in the UP System since 1992.

UP Babaylan hosts several campaigns and projects geared towards the community, such as UP Pride and the Philippine Anti-Discrimination Bill.

Furthermore, UP Babaylan aims to open conversations centered on the experiences and adversities encountered by the community. Check out their Instagram page to keep updated on their initiatives.

2. Metro Manila Pride

As one of the largest LGBT organizations in the Philippines, Metro Manila Pride annually organizes the Pride March and Festival.

Aside from that, Metro Manila Pride also facilitates numerous discussions regarding issues faced by the LGBT community.

This organization aims to bring the allies and the community closer to eradicate discrimination, prejudice, and abuse.

Keep in touch with them through the Metro Manila Pride Instagram page.

3. LoveYourself

LoveYourself is an organization geared towards the empowerment and self-worth of MSMs or males having sex with males.

LoveYourself provides free HIV prevention, testing, and treatment services to those who seek their help.

It’s an LGBTQ+ organization close to my heart, because it helped a loved one get FREE HIV testing — no questions asked! Sobrang helpful ng organization na ‘to. 

They also give Pre-Gender Affirming Surgery counseling and Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy services.

LoveYourself is one of the LGBT organizations in the Philippines that provides education and counseling regarding HIV, STI, gender, and sexuality.

Through their cause, LoveYourself provides a safe space for the community, thus igniting positive change.

Get inspired with LoveYourself by visiting their Instagram page.

4. Rainbow Rights Philippines

Rainbow Rights, as their name suggests, focuses on policies and laws catered towards LGBTQ+ community rights.

Founded in 2005, this non-profit organization has been upholding equal access to opportunities and fair rights for people of diverse SOGIE.

They mainly center on research and publication, capacity building, and policy and legislative work.

Keep connected with them through their Facebook page.

5. Bahaghari

Bahaghari, meaning rainbow in Filipino, is one of the LGBT organizations in the Philippines that provides a safe space for the community.

This anti-imperialist and progressive national organization organizes protests and events to emphasize freedom and democracy for the LGBT Filipinos.

Don’t forget to visit their Instagram page for more details.

6. GALANG (Philippines)

A small group of lesbian friends pioneered GALANG through their conversations which later turned to formal meetings.

With their name directly translating to “respect” in Filipino, GALANG aims to dismantle abuse, violence, and discrimination towards the LGBTQ+ community.

Their goal is to resolve the relationship between sexuality and poverty and provide a safe space to mobilize vulnerable sectors.

Empower with GALANG PH by staying informed through their Instagram page.

7. Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC)

The MCC is the first to perform same-gender marriage and is one of the pioneer fighters for marriage equality.

Established in 1968, MCC acknowledges the need to promote justice and human rights for the LGBTQ+ community.

Thus, this LGBT organization in the Philippines is at the forefront of building bridges for the liberation of the socially vulnerable.

Aside from issues regarding gender and sexual orientation, the MCC also fights for other issues. These causes are race equality, climate change, economics, and global human rights.

The goal of the MCC is to lead and transform from the margins of society.

8. Proud Campaign Philippines

Proud Campaign Philippines is a contemporary group of LGBTQ+ humanitarians who want to catalyze change in the world.

To do so, they spread relevant national and global issues about the actual state of queer people in the community.

They also share uplifting videos and articles to promote awareness on SOGIE.

Moreover, Proud Campaign Philippines donates necessities such as food, toiletries, clothes, and school supplies for queers in need.

They regularly organize sports leagues and parties to pool funds and resources for their charity projects.

Be one with them and start by visiting their official Instagram page.

9. TransMan Pilipinas

TransMan Pilipinas is a support group for Filipino transgender men and their advocacies.

This organization aims to provide a safe place for discussing opinions and experiences regarding pre-transition and transition.

Moreover, they bring forth a platform for awareness and trustworthy information regarding transgender individuals in the country.

This organization hopes to reach out to the general public for the latter to gain a better understanding of transition.

TMP aims to destroy the stigma surrounding this matter that is prevalent in the country.

Visit their official Facebook page for more information about the organization.

10. LakanBini Advocates Pilipinas, Inc.

LakanBini Advocates Pilipinas, Inc. is a network of transgender organizations in the country.

They serve as the voice for trans-led advocacy regarding equality and access to health and human rights services.

LakanBini Advocates is one of the LGBT organizations in the Philippines that champions the equal representation of transgender individuals from various sectors.

This organization advocates for transgender-inclusive and sensitive and rights-based access to basic services.

Moreover, they support and spearhead the development and success of advocacies led by transgender individuals for their community.

Take part in this community by visiting their Facebook page.

11. Ladlad Partylist

Ladlad is a Filipino word that directly translates to coming out.

Founded in 2003, Ladlad Partylist, or formerly Ang Ladlad LGBT Party Inc. is a political party for the LGBT community. Their official motto is Bukas isip, bukas puso which means open mind, open heart.

The goals of the party-list are focused on the fight for equal rights among all Filipino citizens.

Ladlad Partylist is one of the LGBT organizations in the Philippines that champions the passing of an anti-discrimination bill for the equal treatment of LGBT Filipinos.

Moreover, they aim to cater to the needs of the impoverished and disabled members of the LGBT community as well.

Check out Ladlad Partylist’s official Instagram page to keep you updated.

Support LGBT organizations in the Philippines today!

Check these organizations out and visit their websites to know more about their advocacies.

You may also hand out in-kind and monetary donations to support their cause!

Together, we shall make our country a better place for the LGBTQ+ community. 🙂

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