5 Successful LGBTQ in the Philippines

There are many successful LGBTQ artist in the Philippines, from the rising trends to deeply rooted advocacies. They have grown stunningly not just in social media world but also in real life.

It may seem unbelievable before, but now all forms of entertainment and other career paths have been dominated by people who are part of this colorful community.

They became inspirations to many, not only for those who wants to reach their dreams but also to spread awareness that gay people can go beyond what they desire for themselves.

In this article we will be sharing some of the successful LGBTQ members in the Philippines and see what they are up to.

5 Successful LGBTQ in the Philippines


1. Monique Wilson

Monique Wilson is a very talented singer, international theater actress, director, educator and activist. She began her professional career in film and theatre at the age of nine.

Monique is well known for establishing the New Voice Company theater group in 1994 that promotes socially-inclined and political theater works which Filipinos are encouraged to watch and keep its moral lessons as a gift.

She also became famous when she was understudy for the lead role of Kim in the original London West End production of Miss Saigon.

In 2012, she admitted that she is a lesbian after working on a project called “One Billion Rising”, which was conducted a year after to spread awareness and to end women abuse. Her coming out story is linked to the play, and rooted in seeing  queer people being marginalized and discriminated against to the verge of violence.

Monique Wilson and her wife Rossana Abueva were married since 2015, they held their wedding ceremony at Notting Hill in London.

2. Angelina Mead King

Angelina Mead King, or called Angie is a trans woman, vlogger, youtuber, race car driving enthusiast, and a business owner.

She really love cars that’s why she started an automotive companies such as Car Porn Racing and Classic Speed Inc., it was a hobby at first but then her business started to grow even better.  She is well known for being an enthusiast of cars, and popular at car events locally and internationally.

Angie King is also the CEO of Hotel Ava (formerly known as Victoria Court) that is well known hotel in the Philippines. She also owns a farm known as the King Tower Farm.

She is happily married to Joey Mead King since November 2011 then in July 2016, Angie finally transitioned and revealed to the world that she is a transwoman in a post on Instagram with her wife.

3. Lino Brocka

Catalino “Lino” Ortiz Brocka was born on April 3, 1989 and known in the lgbt philippines history as a national artist for film and broadcast arts. Mr. Brocka was best known for his film styles and techniques in filmmaking.

According to the National Commission of Culture and Arts, he embodied the term freedom of expression in the Philippine Constitution. In his 66 films, he portrayed the realities of marginalized sectors in the country and was highly acclaimed for the movie “Manila in the Claws of Light”, released in 1975.

He also co-founded the organization Concerned Artists of the Philippines (CAP), to pave avenues for artist to address issues in the country at that time.

Despite his conversion to Mormonism, he was openly gay which was often a common theme of his narratives in his films.

He passed away on May 22, 1991 from a car crash in Tandang Sora, Quezon City.

4. Rajo Laurel

succesful lgbt in the philippines

Raymon Joseph “Rajo” Teves Laurel is the “Queen of Fashion”, and a famous LGBT celebrity. Rajo is known for fashion design that emulates elegance and beauty, in fusion with flair and convenience in wearing clothes.

He is a highly celebrated fashion designer in the Philippines for ten years already, and dressed up known personalities not only in the country but all around the world.

5. Jeremy Lomibao Sancebuche or “Mimiyuuuh”

successful lgbt in the philippines

Jeremy also known as Mimiyuuuh or Mimi is a Filipino vlogger, model and endorser who rose to fame in a viral video challenge of the song “Dalagang Filipina” by ALLMO$T. After that, she became one of the most known personalities in the entertainment industry.

She collaborated with many celebrity vloggers, do vlogs, appears on advertisement nationwide, and owns a clothing brand Fangs to empower women in unconventional and ragged clothing through fashion designing.

Now, she is the brand ambassador for Lazada in the Philippines and is well known by all ages as an openly queer entertainer.








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